Nightmare in The House of Seafood

Went across the lake to pick up my daughter this evening. Since we were on the Northshore already, I figured it would be nice to stop at the House of Seafood. It had been better than 10 years since our last visit and we were kind of missing it. Well, it ended up being a nightmare.

To start off, the food turned out to not be what I had remembered. Like in the past, there was a large variety but just not up to par. The entire place has really gone down. There are port-o-lets on Mardi Gras Day that smell better than the bathrooms. I guess good things come to an end sooner or later. After tonight’s experience, it sure has come to an end for us.

This is where the nightmare begins.

For now, let’s put aside the part about the food sucking and the appearance of the place. During the meal, my wife noticed a band-aid in her plate with the fried shrimp. This was no regular band-aid, you could tell it had been fried with the shrimp. Without going into explicit details, I noticed certain characteristics of it that showed it was a USED band-aid. This is where my meal was done. Appetite GONE!

I called the waitress over and showed her. Her reaction appeared to be a mixture of great shock and disbelief at what she was seeing in the plate. She informed us that she was going to show it to the manager. Since I had already paid the check, the managers way of making things good was to tell the waitress to credit us for 1 of the meals. I had to actually ask for the manager to come out and speak to me.

I informed him that I was not going to be paying for any of it and I actually had to ask him to pull the shrimp off the buffet. He hesitated but then finally asked an employee to pull the shrimp. ( I’m sure they put them back out after we left) I told him that we were literally sick to our stomachs by what we had seen. The jackass had the nerve to respond with, “well, you’re not sick”. I had paid with a credit card and informed him that he would credit the entire bill or I would call the credit card company and dispute the charges. He still insisted on crediting us for 1 of the meals. My wife stepped in and said, “look, it’s not like we are blasting you out to all the customers”. He then asked for my card and comped the entire bill. I guess he figured $100 was better than a few thousand if the entire place walked out on him.

Now, do I think it was his fault that this happened? Of course not. I place blame on the nasty employee from whom the band-aid came from. The manager did however, in my opinion, handle it the wrong way.

First off, in my opinion, the manager should have pulled the shrimp off the line the minute he was informed. I should not have had to tell him how to run his restaurant. I also feel he should have offered to comp the entire meal from the get go. We had not eaten but one plate from the buffet. Actually, we didn’t get to finish one complete plate. After seeing the band-aid, our appetite was gone and we pushed our plates aside.

Will I ever go back? Hell no!!! I am done with that place. The next time I have a craving for seafood, I will take my ass to the Boiling Pot in Marrero.

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