Fast but not food

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BK1Not sure how they could possibly consider this food. Our trip to the local Burger King in Westwego, La. this morning ended in disappointment. There have been commercials advertising 2/$4 croissants. So, we figured we would stop and get a bite for the road as we headed out for a day at the lake.

First off, the total did not come out right. When we asked at the window why the total came out to so much, when they were supposed to be 2/$4, they said “you have to request that deal when ordering.” Now, I don’t know about you, but when you advertise something for a particular price, it should be that price no matter what.

We ordered several croissants but what we got resembled pig slop more than croissants. The commercial advertised it as a flaky, buttery hot croissant. Fast food companies way too often advertise and show photos of something completely different than what they actually sell to the consumer. I wonder if they would like to use the photos of these croissants to do a little advertising?

It’s times like this that infuriate me that these people want a salary of $15/hr. Are you kidding me?!


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