Causeway tolls going up

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So… Y’all ready for this load of crap?

On Saturday May 6, tolls for so called safety improvements on the Causeway will officially increase at 4 am. The round-trip cost for toll-tag holders will be $3 and cash customers will pay $5.00 round-trip. Apparently, these additional funds will go directly to critical safety improvements on the bridge including safety bays and improved railings.

if you remember correctly, the tolls went up several years back. This was just after the bonds on the bridge were paid off. Now…. you tell me. How do you go from paying for bonds, maintenance and a crew to maintain the bridge to just having to pay maintenance and crews, but you need an increase. Now yet again, here is another increase.

For many years the Causeway police worked the Huey P. Long bridge in the traffic circle on the westbank to maintain traffic flow during peak hours. I might add that they did an outstanding job. Fast forward to a day as we have it now, there is no longer a traffic circle yet there is still a Causeway Police presence on the bridge. Why? As I see it, only to write tickets and pad the pockets of the crooked ass Causeway Commission.

This comission needs to be abolished! There apparently is some crooked ass crap going on. First off, how the hell do they get the tolls raised without the vote of residents? It’s no different than the CCC.

All a load of crap if you ask me!

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