No drives were found – Windows 7 install

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So, you’re trying to install Windows 7 and you get a message saying “no drives were found. click load driver to provide a mass storage driver for install” If this is the case, you can try the following. It worked for me.

1. Boot from the Windows Disc
2. Go to Repair Your Computer, Or Press Shift + F10 to go directly to the Command Prompt
3. In the recovery environment, choose command prompt and type following commands pressing “enter” after each command:

type diskpart
type list disk

It will show the list of your drives, with the information for status, total space and free space.

Status will probably show “invalid” and free space would be “0 bytes

You have to select the drive next with:

Type select disk <disk number> (eg. select disk 0)

Type clean (this will erase all data on the disk so be sure you choose the correct one)

Now for verification of disk status and free space type list disk
the status should be “online” and free space should be “disk size
Type exit

4. Restart the computer and boot from the Windows Disc again
proceed and at “select disk to install windows” you should be able to view the hard disk drive.

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